About us

Green Cars System company deals with the development and implementation of electric vehicle technology.

Technological solutions for the EV cars has developed to such extent that they can already be successfully used as a common means of transport. The benefits of switching from the combustion cars to the eco-friendly vehicles are invaluable. Reducing the negative impact on the natural environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions contributes to the greater health safety of the citizens. In addition, the operating costs of electric cars in the face of constantly rising fuel prices are the indicators of their increasing profitability and competitiveness - today a cost of car use EV pays of on an annual mileage of 12 thousand kilometers. The development of the electric car market is supported by the very rapid development of batteries and accumulators, which over the last decade has doubled their capacity.

Our devices go a long way from the scheme, through the models and prototypes until the final product. They are also tested many times during the test rides in different conditions. Close cooperation of the specialists from different fields has allowed us to design a model which moves almost silently. Due to the skillful combination of electronics and mechanics, we were able to design a vehicle which without hesitation can be called a car of the future!